Breadcrumbs: An Update on Monster Guru

Time is the most fickle dimension that I am aware of. While everyone at Gimo Games had the intention of creating something playable to submit to the app contest, the reality of game design and development prevented us from making the deadline. Actually, most of us simply don’t have much time to spare; however, we’re striving to complete Monster Guru as quickly as possible.

Even though we didn’t make it into the app competition, there is good news. Chris Kesler and his wife had a baby over the weekend! Congratulations and best of luck to budding family. Chris has worked so hard to get his share of the work done (as we all have) and deserves special recognition for his efforts. Of course, we can’t leave out his charming wife, Janice. Everyone at Gimo thanks her for all the patience she has for Chris’s hard work and the support she lends us at Gimo.

Some more good news is that we made a lot of progress on Monster Guru. We’re coming along in development of the game and it’s really shaping up. Everyone at Gimo is working under tight time constraints, adding to the project in spare time. It’s like we’re following a trail of breadcrumbs and collecting them along the way. Except that every member of the Gimo team is following a different trail, and all the trails lead to the same place: a completed Monster Guru.

Check back for more updates on Monster Guru and Gimo in general. I promise that updates will be more consistent and occur more often in the future.