Layers… Always More Layers.

Already, it’s the 13th of October. That leaves us with only a bit of time to get the Chapter 1 release finished up. This weekend will be full of writing, brainstorming and a creative maelstrom which will eventually coalesce into a coherent product. Well, at least, that’s how the creative process sometimes works. There are so many aspects to designing and creating a game, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Layers and layers of story, coding, and art all have to coordinate to create a working whole. Managing such a beast of a project can be difficult at the best of times. What makes us brave the difficulties to test waters we’ve never explored before? Excitement, joy, and the chance to prove we’re up to the challenge.

Creating a game is a wonderful process. Yes, it involves hours and hours of planning and work. Yes, it can be frustrating and mind-numbingly difficult at times. Yes, it is extremely rewarding. This weekend marks the beginning of crunch time, and we are eager to take up the challenge. Chapter 1 will be ready for Brigham Young University’s app competition. It will be ready and waiting.