Monster Guru

Get Ready to Play in a New Way

Mobile games have come a long way since the wildly popular game Snake released in 1997. Snake and its knock-off brethren paved the way for mobile games. At the time, cell phone hardware severly limited the scope of mobile games. When camera phones hit the market, the quality and popularity of mobile games began to rise quickly. Now, smartphones dominate the cellular market. These cell phones have the hardware specifications to facilitate truly great gaming experiences. With Monster Guru, Gimo Games makes its first foray into the world of mobile gaming. With these first brave steps, Monster Guru introduces something new to the mobile gaming community.

The history of mobile gaming is one of constant evolution and change. Hardware was always the primary limiting factor, but as new, more capable hardware was released, so too were more powerful and engaging mobile games. Gimo Games strives to make use of the hardware available and push for new and better hardware. Monster Guru features an exciting geolocation game mechanic thanks to the use of GPS hardware and software. Geolocation is one boundary of mobile gaming that has yet to be fully realized. Monster Guru utilizes geolocation in a fun and immersive way, not as a redundant gimmick.

The members of Gimo Games have worked hard to create a rich and compelling experience for all mobile gamers. Monster Guru has something to offer to everyone. Take a look at the sample artwork, music, and features. Every aspect of Monster Guru was painstakingly crafted to provide engaging gameplay, an immersive atmosphere, and unprecedented player interaction. Monster Guru is a mobile game, developed with mobile players in mind.