Monster Guru Submitted

Monster Guru was submitted for approval to the Apple AppStore.  It has been a long journey, but we’ve finally got the game finished.  We’ve been playing it a lot internally, and surprisingly after playing through it dozens of times we aren’t sick of it yet!  We think it is...



Invites to the Beta have been sent out!  The top donors from Kickstarter have been given access to the game a month before its release.  It is exciting to get the game out into the public.  We’ve raised this game from infancy to whatever it is now, and it...


Thank You to Our Backers!

Monster Guru’s Kickstarter project reached its goal! As a result, Gimo Games will be able to forge ahead. We thank everybody who donated and we also wish to thank our friends and family who do everything they can to support us. We’re excited to work harder than ever on...


The Kickstarter!

Gimo Games wants to get a Kickstarter page up and running. If you haven’t heard about Kickstarter, you should check it out. Anybody who is working on a project of any kind can create a Kickstarter page. Whether the project is constructing a statue, clearing a city park of garbage,...

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