Breadcrumbs: An Update on Monster Guru

Time is the most fickle dimension that I am aware of. While everyone at Gimo Games had the intention of creating something playable to submit to the app contest, the reality of game design and development prevented us from making the deadline. Actually, most of us simply don’t have...


Layers… Always More Layers.

Already, it’s the 13th of October. That leaves us with only a bit of time to get the Chapter 1 release finished up. This weekend will be full of writing, brainstorming and a creative maelstrom which will eventually coalesce into a coherent product. Well, at least, that’s how the...


Chapter 1 Release

Gimo Games will be pushing hard until the end of October 2011 to submit an application for Brigham Young University’s app competition.  The app competition is scheduled to run Nov 2 – Nov 16. This year’s prizes include: Grand Prize: $6,000 Analytics 1st Place: $3,000 Judged 1st Place: $3,000...

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